Raising money for your group or organization can reach new heights with greater ease!
Our Real Estate fundraising program can help your club achieve its financial goals and eliminate the hassle of "selling" goods to your friends & neighbors... 
Here's How it works:
A.  Identify your fundraising target goals (how much does your club need to raise)
B. Ask your organization members to identify anyone in their circle considering buying or selling a home. We've found that most people know a friend, family member, co-worker, teacher, grocery clerk, dentist, etc. thinking of buying or selling.  (We can even help with suggestion on social media post, etc.)
C.  Once these people are identified, simply ask them if they would be willing to support your organization by allowing 512BestRealty.com to handle their real estate transaction?
D.  As a way to say thanks, when your referral agrees to support your group's fundraiser, 512BestRealty.com will contribute $500 towards their closing cost. 
E.  Once the purchase or sells transaction is completed, we will send your organization a $1,000 donation per transaction!!! (Ex. If your group sends 10-people who are planning to buy or sell a home, and they use 512BestReatly.com for representation your group will make $10,000)